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Danzig, in a Danzig shirt, buying pet supplies. Why Records Are 12 Inches Wide First track from Brian Eno’s forthcoming album on Warp Rex Broome covers a randomly selected song every day for a year, between his 39th and 40th birthdays.

Huge congrats to our friends in Metro Area and at Environ records for making the least shittiest dance tune of the last decade according to the experts at Resident Advisor. Environ was also responsible for the 2nd least shittiest dance mix of the past decade (2nd only to I-f, of course), but the experts failed […]

For all of the fluster and name checking the man habitually spews forth in his interviews, for all of the predictible (yet mildly understandable) aggrivation he vents, for all of the seconds wasted scrolling through the same repetetive rhetoric about Detroit being tired and not what it used to be, he came up with a […]

The track title, those two little words, still brings chills and looks of spooky reverence to even the most jaded “nothing is cool anymore” techno DJs.  Kuri breaks it all down about the Teste track from 1992 that remains timeless, seared into the brain, acidic and atmospheric yet never self-indulgent. But “The Wipe (5am Synaptic)” […]

And the Macrovision purse just keeps getting bigger. The world’s largest metadata company just swallowed Muze right after they digested my former place of employ no less than two years ago. It will be interesting to see how this pans out for both companies. Very interesting.

Muxtape returns. Sort of.

Thanks to Intergalactic Gary for introducing me to this Hot Chocolate song.