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Do me a favor, gentle reader: 1. Go to pandora. 2. Set up a Joe Jackson station 3. Fast forward until you get to the first Joe Jackson song 4. Is the next song either a) Elvis Costello or b) Talking Heads? Drop me a line and confirm this in the comments field. I’ve been […]

“Will Apple Kill Satellite Radio?” Isn’t the question “when?” I know we’re a special breed with giant music libraries, but even the oldest iPod in shuffle mode should have been prophetic enough. Funny to still see headlines like this in 2009.

steve rhodes Is there such a thing as Christmas “hyphy?” The council of Moodmat elves are conferring on this matter, but in the meantime, your best bet is to tune in to’s brilliantly eclectic Xmas in Frisko station. I just heard “All I Want for Christmas (is to get Krunk),” so we’re getting warmer.

I have no issue admitting I grew up a big fan of Duran Duran. I bought all their albums. I saw them live (and caught Andy Taylor’s guitar pick). I even enjoyed following them along to their post and side projects like Power Station and Arcadia. So, just for the title of it, here’s the […]

I need not draw your attention to the great moodmat postal slow down of 2008 but it is no small wonder as between the five of us we are probably individually holding down one of each of life’s five top stressors. Alas, we will make no excuses because each of you have, or will have, […]

We interrupt this movement08 broadcast to bring you the following video of current moodmat darlings, M83, performing live on Morning Becomes Eclectic — KCRW | 89.9FM on May 19th. In this 30+ minute segment, the currently touring group featuring Anthony Gonzalez on vocals, guitar and keyboards, Loic Maurin on Drums, Pierre-Marie Maulini on guitar and […]

I’m just sayin’.

Hello again. Here are some bullet features that we at Moodmat have been keeping our eyes on. The man responsible for LSD and indirectly responsible for the Gratetful Dead, their legions of annoying fans, a particular strand of house music and the Sheet One album cover has died at the youthful age of 102. It […]

It is with real sadness that I report that Tim Haslett passed away unexpectedly. He was a true champion of so many great sounds and styles and in a very distinct way, from the music he turned me onto, I owe many of the connections and contacts I have, including the gentlemen here at moodmat. […]

WFMU I didn’t pledge quite enough to get naming rights to this masterpiece hanging at WFMU headquarters, but I will be enjoying a special edition Patton Oswalt CD. There’s only one day left in the Marathon, so get over there and pledge your support — even if you can’t have your name on a velvet […]

This is a couple of weeks old, but the 2008 SXSW Showcasing Artists Torrent is live. If the previous years are any indication, I’ll download all the songs, start listening to them, make a post or two linking some favorites, then finally finish listening to them at at some point in June, by which time […]

Pardon me while I catch up on the multitude of customs brought on by WFMU and their fundraising efforts. Yo La Tengo has performed requests on air during pledge drives for many years, and they have collected many of cover songs, good and bad on this CD. Sounds like fun.