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A few days after this disaster and things look a lot better. All these artists were recommended for me (along with Jay Sean, Avril Lavigne, and Christina Aguilera, sigh…) the last time I checked. It may just be a function of more artists joining up: even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and […]

…or just mothball it for a few months until you get it right — it’s embarassing. These are your tone-deaf recommendations: Here are the most recent few artists I’ve followed myself. You have access to my entire iTunes library, play counts, star ratings, etc. I know you can handle this — iTunes Genius does reasonably […]

Mad Decent iPhone App from Mad Decent on Vimeo. “I recently seen Paul Van Dyk has his own DJ app. I was like, “fuck that.”

A little late on the draw, but this has me in a bit of awe: Their RIAA is suing a young transplant patient in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Nineteen-year-old Ciara Sauro has pancreatitis and because she needs an islet cell transplant, she’s hospitalized every week, a situation resulting in a huge accumulation of medical bills. Now, “Because […]

The last few days have had me drinking in the 3G and besmudging my new mobile device. Now it’s time to get serious and investigate the alternative music experiences on the iPhone. Pandora’s solution was right there in the App store — grabbed it, but haven’t checked it out just yet. Next was following up […]

Remember when iTunes used to be able to do this? The editors of this list would slow my home computer to a crawl connecting to my library and streaming it. Ah, the good ol’ days …

The Korea Times reports of a new digital music file format called “MT9,” seemingly aimed at the more interactive side of music consumption: mobile phone users, video games, karaoke, etc. The distinctive feature of MT9 format is that it has a six-channel audio equalizer, with each channel dedicated to voice, chorus, piano, guitar, base and […]

Told you I couldn’t resist. I came across one of these today and the other was passed to me at work: While some are going back in time for new scratches, others are combining visual waveforms with touch screens. Time to buy stock in screen protectors and hand sanitizers.

Ok, I’ll take a deep breath. However, my knee jerk reaction to the screenshot I saw on Flickr still stands: I’m not a big fan. Some things are cleaner, yes. Some things are too clean. And some things I just don’t want to see right on my home page. Wish I had known about this […]

User page, May Beta 2008, originally uploaded by I just lost my erection.

Leffler/Library of Congress So far, it’s been a great week for record release news. Little did I know it would also be a great week for record keeping. I passed 10,000 tracks played on sometime in the last couple days. Trying to hit it right on the mark proved difficult, like stopping a gas […]

No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame. Slashdot’s CmdrTaco, upon the introduction of the iPod, October 23, 2001 Apple’s iPod platform is a monster in the portable music space. Tens of millions have been sold, and the application that interfaces with the device, iTunes, runs on tens of millions of computers. I have a […]