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The editorial desks of the southern bureau of Moodmat are closing for 2009. Our office party is happening this afternoon. In lieu of a top list for the year or decade, I’d instead like to take a minute to acknowledge the following people not named Michael Jackson whose passing made the music world significantly less […]

One question and one question only: What’s your favorite full length album of this decade, and why?

I’ve always been torn over which version of this song I prefer more: The Staple Sisters version or the one from Talking Heads. Either way…totally bad ass tune. Great for humming in hallways during days which you’d rather be elsewhere.

Shake’s track is perfect for wonderfully crisp autumn Sunday mornings. Or staring at red-purple early sunsets. Or on sticky summer mornings. Hell, I think this might just be a perfect track any time I need to think of the D. James Taylor wrote Carolina In My Mind as a portal. An anthem for displaced Carolinians […]

I don’t know if that’s what Netflix calls them, but they are pretty interesting. With enough of your rental information in their database, they appear to be amassing something called “Taste Preferences,” which in turn spits out these mashed-up genre name combinations. There are dozens of parameters from “mood” to “storylines” to “children’s age” Netflix […]

photo: Chad Johnson We sadly note the passing of Cramps frontman Lux Interior (birth name: Erick Lee Purkhiser), who brought the cool and twisted for over 35 years of show business. Kent “Chaircrusher” Williams has a free album, “SO FAR SO SO: Retrospective 1995-2005″ available from here. This link’s a little on the elderly side, […]

It’s Thanksgiving eve and once again I find myself far away from home. I’m reminded of the words of the immortal Bryan Bickel, whose sig file would always remind me that “Detroit Is Still The Coolest Place on Earth”. And though it has fallen on near disastrous times, there’s still no city I’d rather live, […]

That is one hard-working bin divider, complete with a call to action!

Good morning. d.w. and theakston here with some news items coming across the MM wires we’d like to share. Hypebot takes a piss on a major label using ad words on their sites. (thanks Sultan!) Users pissed off at Yahoo Music for shutting down can now use their credits over at Rhapsody. No word yet […]

Out and about at a local indoor flea market, and wasn’t expecting fun vinyl.

A big web slinging hug and kiss to Jez for asking us to be included in his Brothers On The Side series on the “innersounds” site. The opportunity for us to answer some questions was not just an exercise in further defining our moodmatian mission, but also served as a chance for us to learn […]

What a bunch of assclowns. The money has made them crazy. – Citizen Game on Activision’s plan for Guitar Hero IV. Why see a bunch of boring new rock bands when you can see amazing ancient ones? – Bill Corbet, quoted in the New York Times article about the Gnawa and World Music Festival in […]