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Get lost in the sounds and gorgeous photography. Headphones help. CHARLES COHEN AT THE BUCHLA MUSIC EASEL from ALEX on Vimeo. From the source: Viewing with headphones or a stereo source is highly recommended. This colorful video features sound artist Charles Cohen improvising on a 1970’s Buchla Music Easel. This extremely rare instrument is one […]

Good morning. I am using bullet points to illustrate statements. Researchers at three universities where I could not afford tuition have delved deeper into the mystery of music and geometry. No word on whether Minor Threat is a rhombus or oval. (Phys Org) Technology Review reports that a company called Celemony has developed software to […]

I did everything, everything I wanted to, I let them use you for their own ends Microsoft to Release Limited-Edition Joy Division Zune in June.

Decidedly lower-tech than ReacTable, but 1000% more delicious. “Mmmmm…. Cowbell.” Thanks to Anastasia for the link!

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Some guy named Hawtin squaking on about the future of digital technology, DJing and music. Cameras ready, prepare to flash…

russelldavies That’s one hell of an iPod boombox. Found on Flickr, designed by Conran and Partners for the Deptford Design Market Challenge. Description here.

The flurry of iPod news yesterday had the blog mills grinding overtime. I think it was almost a little too much for the Digital Music News. For starters, read the article and then go back and read the headline: Apple Supersizes iPod Capacities, Labels Unenthusiastic There are no quotes from any label representatives. I was […]

There’s always a red herring amidst new iPod announcements. And I’m not talking [PRODUCT] red either. Alongside the price drops on the two iPhone models ($299 for the 8GB {get em while they last!} and $399 for the 16GB), Jobs rolled out 8GB and 16GB OS X-powered iPods, just as the rumors promised. What they […]

jm3 Rumors have it that Apple is going to have new iPods this fall. Pretty much guaranteed, given that the updates to that line are already fodder for SNL. What’s more, the gadgetsphere is speculating that they’ll be OS X-based like the iPhone. That would be something. Would this mean the implementation of more iTunes-like […]

Trying to report on gear in the era of Gizmodo or Engadget is pretty much a fool’s errand. Well, I guess I’m a little foolish today. And really, who doesn’t love errands? Trust me, I don’t want to make habit of this, but I’ve seen a couple stories scroll by that are worth a second […]