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Do you remember those frosted miniwheats commercials where the adult would turn into a kid when the shredded wheat biscuit flipped over to reveal a whole pound of glazed sugar icing on the other side? That’s approximately what is going to be happening for the remainder of this post. I will be freeing myself from […]

2009 has been a very good year for music (at least as far as this particular editor is concerned.) Cutting things down to a final top 10 is certainly going to be tough this year. With all the great records I’ve already heard, it’s great that there are still releases before the end of the […]

As reported over at the most excellent ISM: the smart, dashing folks over at Rush Hour have had the good sense to unleash to the world a mighty awesome 35 track juggernaut retrospective of Shake’s body of work. This is an sensational idea, and to be honest something I’ve waited YEARS for someone to champion. Most […]

“Will Apple Kill Satellite Radio?” Isn’t the question “when?” I know we’re a special breed with giant music libraries, but even the oldest iPod in shuffle mode should have been prophetic enough. Funny to still see headlines like this in 2009.

Warp Records is turning 20. What better way to celebrate than with a microsite for the obsessives to vote for their favorite tracks. The top vote-getters will be featured on an album release this Fall. More labels need to do this! I would have embedded the voting widget itself, but it appears that party favor […]

UPDATE (2/28): We don’t do this sort of thing very often, but collectively there was a fair amount of uneasiness and guilt in keeping this story as is. I took the Twitter express to the bandwagon on this topic before could chime in with their most priceless “corporate” response. UPDATE (2/20): Damn, but the […]

Muzak files for bankruptcy. In this age of custom playlisting and niche based soundtracks, it’s surprising they’ve been able to maintain a steady flow of income for this long…especially with all of the other available options out there. It’ll be curious to see how this one pans out.

photo: Chad Johnson We sadly note the passing of Cramps frontman Lux Interior (birth name: Erick Lee Purkhiser), who brought the cool and twisted for over 35 years of show business. Kent “Chaircrusher” Williams has a free album, “SO FAR SO SO: Retrospective 1995-2005″ available from here. This link’s a little on the elderly side, […]

Somebody’s templated artist fan page is about to get a fresh mess of traffic. In naming his brilliant mashup of Twitter and Yahoo News, Vik Singh probably should have checked the search results on “tweetnews” first. I’m sure I’m not the first person to plug that into to Google and wind up catching up on […]

A little late on the draw, but this has me in a bit of awe: Their RIAA is suing a young transplant patient in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Nineteen-year-old Ciara Sauro has pancreatitis and because she needs an islet cell transplant, she’s hospitalized every week, a situation resulting in a huge accumulation of medical bills. Now, “Because […]

Alan McGee retires from music industry “Alan McGee, who signed Oasis, Primal Scream and The Jesus and Mary Chain, has said he is turning his back on the music industry after 25 years.” Alan McGee returns to music industry “But I’m still completely into new music and I’m still doing things with new bands, as […]

suicide Not only is there a six-disc live box set on the horizon, but we can expect much more in the download and vinyl series, as Wired’s Listening Post reports: … covers of every Suicide song, kicks off in late July. Other artists on tap for the tribute include Primal Scream, Peaches, Sunn 0)), Julian […]