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Music classification is just so much more honest when it’s personal. I love this little system Russell Davies cooked up and will undoubtedly find a way to use it. A “music snobbery bell curve?” I’m on some similar track now, perhaps having worn out some of the fun of the random shuffle and am diving […]


I don’t know if that’s what Netflix calls them, but they are pretty interesting. With enough of your rental information in their database, they appear to be amassing something called “Taste Preferences,” which in turn spits out these mashed-up genre name combinations. There are dozens of parameters from “mood” to “storylines” to “children’s age” Netflix […]

Aquacrunkstep? I suppose there *is* a little Drexciya up in there. Interesting.

Taken at Record Time on Record Store Day! More on that later …

The Warp widget gave me pause to re-examine another classic label with a wonderfully rich (albeit comparatively small) catalog: Main Street Records. Though they only released five 12″s and a CD compilation Main Street’s quality was astonishingly high, especially when taking into consideration that the producers behind MS (Mark and Mortiz) were in the midst […]

Ooh, I bet PBS’ Frontline wishes they had thought of this one. “Goth Gulf Visual Vortex GGVV” is a group show opening next week in Kuwait, exploring how Goth culture was absorbed and interpreted there. I’m fascinated already. Detroit readers should also note that designer Jon Santos is participating. How long will it be before […]

alicebag Wow, an entire film series dedicated to “post punk.” Such an amazingly explosive creative period to explore — extreme location jealousy brewing here. As always, I have issues with the terminology. Just throwing a prefix on another genre definition isn’t particularly helpful. Neither is the wikipedia entry, which starts off just fine until you […]

Courtesy of the Doubletree. Bring me a Mixmaster Morris Mixed-Green Salad please.

(seek and theakston reporting) Shame we didn’t sound the genre name alarm back at the turn of the century. For a minute there, there was an unnamed movement (at least on a large scale) that shook things up in the dance music community. It was a great, nebulous nexus of slower tempos, complicated rhythms and […]

From “Left-Handed Toons (by right-handed people)” First, start with an arbitrary word, Like “sneaker”, “goat”, or “moustache”. That’s your new genre’s name! Then, apply any of the following prefixes and suffixes to see the inevitable pretentious subgenres! …like… say… BROWSER-pop!