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At the “Congress” party just up Woodward from the festival.

I can’t go for just repeating the same old lines.

The lineup for the Big Ears 2010 festival is out. It’s awful. Simply awful. Especially when comparing it with last year’s line up , 2010 seems like an obvious grab at the Pitchfork crowd rather than keeping it challenging and wonderful. Fennesz, The Necks, Burning Star Core, Negativeland, Philip Glass, Pauline Oliveros and Matmos last […]

His last two shows on RBMA have featured the first decade of ECM records and they’ve been outstanding. Most definitely essential listening if you’ve ever wanted to dive in to the otherwise intimidating ECM catalog. Anyays, over on his blag, Mr. Kirk gets up on his soapbox and delivers his State of The Union in […]