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A few days after this disaster and things look a lot better. All these artists were recommended for me (along with Jay Sean, Avril Lavigne, and Christina Aguilera, sigh…) the last time I checked. It may just be a function of more artists joining up: even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and […]

…or just mothball it for a few months until you get it right — it’s embarassing. These are your tone-deaf recommendations: Here are the most recent few artists I’ve followed myself. You have access to my entire iTunes library, play counts, star ratings, etc. I know you can handle this — iTunes Genius does reasonably […]

Okay, this is pretty fun. Even with all the crappy slideshow-based “videos” on YouTube, they have a pretty amazing database of music. Leave it to Google to find a new way to mine it. Or at least a way they can own. Send us your playlists!

His last two shows on RBMA have featured the first decade of ECM records and they’ve been outstanding. Most definitely essential listening if you’ve ever wanted to dive in to the otherwise intimidating ECM catalog. Anyays, over on his blag, Mr. Kirk gets up on his soapbox and delivers his State of The Union in […]

Do me a favor, gentle reader: 1. Go to pandora. 2. Set up a Joe Jackson station 3. Fast forward until you get to the first Joe Jackson song 4. Is the next song either a) Elvis Costello or b) Talking Heads? Drop me a line and confirm this in the comments field. I’ve been […]

Will my favorite social music playground get lost because it’s not “big” enough? CBS appears to be struggling to properly monetize its $280 million investment. That’s how Digital Music News is characterizing’s situation. It should be no surprise that staying afloat on ad revenue alone is increasingly risky business, but a rolling out of […]

Nice. Warp got to it before I lost interest. Though I fully expected this widget to do a bit more … like preview the audio, or at least be able to see all my votes, not just the last ten. Enough harumphing — click through and add to some of my votes already! I will […]

Warp Records is turning 20. What better way to celebrate than with a microsite for the obsessives to vote for their favorite tracks. The top vote-getters will be featured on an album release this Fall. More labels need to do this! I would have embedded the voting widget itself, but it appears that party favor […]

It’s not so much about what I want for Valentine’s Day. I’d much rather have something to share with you lovely readers out there. The perfect gift has been staring me in the face for weeks now, yet I could not find a way to bring it to you properly. has a small little […] packaged up some year-end “best of 2008″ content based on user and subscriber data. I jumped right to the “tracks” list to see if any surprises crept in. Not exactly, but I was saddened and surprised to see Coldplay edge out Radiohead in sheer volume. That’s kind of like Badfinger edging out the Beatles.

My Bloody Valentine |MTV Music For years, I’ve wondered why MTV didn’t have an online archive of music videos. I mean, duh. It looks like they’ve finally gotten around to fixing that systemic bug. They’ve fashioned it as a social network, with profiles and everything. I don’t have a real feel for how many videos […]

We were enthusiastic participants in Muxtape from early on, treating it like a tag-team DJ set with a single rule: listen to the track ahead of you in full before uploading your own. We took it through two complete 12 song cycles, and then Muxtape suffered an infarction and we lost a few weeks of […]