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Okay, this is pretty fun. Even with all the crappy slideshow-based “videos” on YouTube, they have a pretty amazing database of music. Leave it to Google to find a new way to mine it. Or at least a way they can own. Send us your playlists!

Hey, well it’s almost Chinese New Year… I’m a little behind, but the drill is the same, and my list for 2009 hasn’t changed. What you see and hear isn’t what I think are the best records to be released last year, but a straight dump of data of my most listened-to songs, minus […]

One question and one question only: What’s your favorite full length album of this decade, and why?

Do me a favor, gentle reader: 1. Go to pandora. 2. Set up a Joe Jackson station 3. Fast forward until you get to the first Joe Jackson song 4. Is the next song either a) Elvis Costello or b) Talking Heads? Drop me a line and confirm this in the comments field. I’ve been […]

It’s not so much about what I want for Valentine’s Day. I’d much rather have something to share with you lovely readers out there. The perfect gift has been staring me in the face for weeks now, yet I could not find a way to bring it to you properly. has a small little […]

It happened in improv class. We were playing an editing game called “Hot Spot.” Gathered in a circle, one at a time, we began singing songs related to a topic or “grand theme of life” as it were. As is often the case, “love” is that topic. Easy, right? There are a million songs with […]

Happy Arbitrary Designation of Time! Here is a well-ordered, occasionally ill-mannered Top Ten list to start things off right. I would like to thank for its monk-like dedication to transcribing all of my “plays” last year. Or is that “stalker-like dedication?” Either way, this is the most data-driven “best of” list to date. The […]

I need not draw your attention to the great moodmat postal slow down of 2008 but it is no small wonder as between the five of us we are probably individually holding down one of each of life’s five top stressors. Alas, we will make no excuses because each of you have, or will have, […]

I’m getting married in thirteen eleven days. While the future Mrs. has been charged with other massive projects for our “big day”, I have resigned myself to taking the lead with the music which shall be played at our “big day”. All tracks — of course — are subject to her approval. For example, she […]

We were enthusiastic participants in Muxtape from early on, treating it like a tag-team DJ set with a single rule: listen to the track ahead of you in full before uploading your own. We took it through two complete 12 song cycles, and then Muxtape suffered an infarction and we lost a few weeks of […]


One step away from someone just plugging a mini-stereo jack into your dome? Favtape comes pretty close. Building on the muxtape model, it goes one step further, tapping into either a or Pandora profile. Doing so builds a quick mix of favorite songs, such as the one it created for me. EDIT: Have to […]

Yes, Dan Bell’s “Baby Judy” has been playing in my head ever since he played it live at Movement. Not that I want it out of my system per se, but I thought doing a quick look back at the sounds of the festival would be a good thing. Though my listening habits are wandering […]