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This week I’ve felt very fortunate to have not one but two outstanding mixes from one of my all time favorite DJs on swift and awesome rotation. Suggested Use arrived in my mailbox at home Monday evening, and it’s exactly what one would expect from the General. A lovely blend of soul, funk, disco, house […]

I’ve been amazingly self-absorbed so far this year, so opening up my feed reader is always a bit of a shock. Other people have lives and things to say about them? Weird. Still, buried in a few hundred music posts, I somehow found McSleazy’s “retirement” announcement. A mash-up pioneer, he very well could have crafted […]

The answer to this equation only equal TRG on Carhartt Radio. If I close my eyes, it’s like I’m in an alternate universe. Why yes, I would like a briefcase full of cash and a freshly poured Pilsener!

No, I don’t know what I’m doing up so early either. But look who’s all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to greet me. A brand new mix of Ghostly International’s influences from the last ten years, curated by founder Sam Valenti IV and mixed by new signing Michna! Who knew breakfast and Energy Flash went so well […]

Track still sounds as fresh as when it was made in 1992… and love the creepy video.   Check out what Metamorphic Records is up to over at – mixes and tracks for all your Interstellar Groove Addictions.


(above: gratuitous Wozencroft-esque nature setting for ambient music) And for my first post post-wedding, I present to you – dear reader – thus: A mix for Ghostly International. A quick 32 minute romp into the experimental/ambient side of their label. Just the right amount of time for you to crash and roll around in a […]

I need not draw your attention to the great moodmat postal slow down of 2008 but it is no small wonder as between the five of us we are probably individually holding down one of each of life’s five top stressors. Alas, we will make no excuses because each of you have, or will have, […]

Longtime 313 Mailing List admin, corn country music enthusiast and all around swell guy Kent Williams has a new DJ mix available for your enjoyment. The stylistic latitude evident in the track listing certainly gets the Moodmat stamp of approval. Chaircrusher’s September 08 VOTE OBAMA Mix Track Listing Minx – Lavender Lust Me – Erykah […]

It was this picture on flickr that drew my attention to the Vinyl Exchange website. You see, DJ’s Nick Yoder & Ghostdad hold down a monthly party in Jamaica Plain called Bass Invaders and as their recent mix on VE Radio attests, they are not just offering up “BASS” the genre, but bass as a […]

Check out this vintage Ron Trent Tribute mix mixed by Nick Harris. OK, maybe there are a couple clinkers on here (I prefer the straight deep house instrumentals over whispery latin vocals) but that Ron Trent synth sound, dub mixes and signature percussion remains everlasing. 1. Inner City – Do Me Right (Ron Trent & […]