Melodies and Memories

Couldn’t have been a better day for it.

There are few things as powerful as a sunny Spring day and new records. Fewer still are visceral sensations like the hunter-gatherer instinct to match the vinyl-lined caves everyone visited today. What was I saying about it being sunny?

I purposely didn’t tell my daughter where we were going. She’s a real vet in these environments, but enough to know how long I can linger. Somehow, I shopped very efficiently, despite not knowing at all what I was after (such a paralyzing feeling in a well-stocked shop!). I suppose promising to buy her something didn’t hurt.

Apart from their constant wall-to-wall inventory levels, neither of us were impressed with Melodies and Memories in East Detroit. I’ve happily wasted hours in there before, but my daughter had that same overwhelming feeling of too many options and probably couldn’t handle being packed into a small space. I snagged some cheap old Falco vinyl and a pricey B-52’s rarity, but was not allowed to take any pictures, so some of the fun was taken out of the equation.

Just up the road was Record Time—pretty much cured all that ailed us.

The kid stumbled into a vein of old Disney vinyl and got an original cast recording of Mary Poppins. I don’t even know if I own any “original cast recordings.” Dope(y). She also scored a Gilligan button and we bought a copy of the Stop Making Sense DVD (finally, a movie the whole family can enjoy!).

You Know, for the Kids

We both said hello to owner Mike Himes and I grabbed a New Order 7″ (special for Record Store Day I think) on the way out.

Ok, so we overloaded on the nostalgia. Let’s all hope we can keep doing that.

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  1. 1 tom/pipecock

    why no pics in M&M? i’ve taken plenty of pics in there before!

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