Because moodmat is a collaborative blog, we’re going to hold off on our individual love affairs with music and talk about our shared history as budding wonks.

First off, we were all subscribers to the venerable [313] Detroit Techno mailing list and remained so for years. Funny, a list so specific leading to discussion about the multitude of genres and the dissolution of them. The themes on 313 of course were broader than just “Detroit Techno,” and the need to keep those tangents rolling spawned a smaller list of our own known as BASS.

Out of BASS and our ramblings and sharing of music, we sort of realized that we were discussing bigger things related to media and how people perceive freeform music. We thought the rest of the world might want to listen in and hopefully join in the discussion. Moodmat will definitely amplify our point-of-view up and out of our in-boxes.

More random background checks:

One of us cohosts a weekly radio show. One of us used to. One had a kickin’ station on Live365. Two of us DJ. One dropped out of beatmatching school. All of us have done some kind of music writing or journalism.

And we all benefitted one way or another from The Electrifying Mojo. “Moodmats” (as opposed to “formats”) was what he nicknamed his approach to radio.

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