d.w. (Dave Walker): I’ve been on the net since the green-screen days, always trying to find a way to tie together my twin obsessions – music and technology. I’ve run streaming radio stations, strung together chicken wire and audio software, and wrestled my demons in a text editor, but it always comes back to a pulsing hi-hat, a squall of feedback, a percolating bassline, two turntables and a mike, a bunch of teenagers crammed in a garage somewhere, or haggling over an obscure scratchy lounge record at a yard sale. Oh, the places we’ll go.

Seek (Dan Sicko): I’m a broken man because of music genres. The hundreds of music reviews that are shunted into specific columns (I still love you Urb, XLR8R, Res, Wired …). New genre names bandied about by others to link together twelve records. And Techno Rebels: the book about one genre that I love that left me with more questions than answers. It’s time I got back to that impressionable, inner adolescent that tapes off the radio. No waiting through commercials this time, though.

Teep (Aran Parillo): I used to talk a lot of smack on the Intelligent Dance Music list at hyperreal and for a short while I used to administer it. Back then, when people asked me “what is IDM?” I had a stock answer for them. “It Does not Matter” and I meant it. I went on to explain, what makes it “Intelligent” was our discussion. For all I cared that could be about jazz, ambient, electro, techno, hardcore thunder, or jungle jungle. If you felt compelled to verbally tackle the finer points of what makes it swing, then it’s an intelligent thing. The aim of this approach was to widen our scope and keep the list from painting itself into a proverbial genre corner. I imagine the moodmat will be a bit like that. A true 360 degree mode of transportation to musical appreciation. I hope you enjoy the ride.

MacQ (Matt MacQueen): A kid raised on taping hotmix shows past my bedtime at relatives in both Detroit and Chicago, I’ve always been a sucker for music I loved but had NO IDEA what it was being mixed with. A DJ for high school parties before I could legally drive, I am nuts for the b-side, the 12″ dub mix, the inner groove etching you have to squint to read. Always on a quest to unearth/expose the diamond in the rough, and juxtapose it with something hot and off-genre, yet a perfect extension of the mood. I met my co-authors at UR parties and on the [313] Detroit Techno mailing list, where I was a hyperreal list admin for few years. In the mid-90’s I worked with Dan’s to take his digi-zine “Reverb” from Mac floppy disk (!) to web1.0 (mercy killed in 1999 but frozen in time). Most of my creative energy is spent mixing a non-commercial FM radio show in Chicago on Friday nights, 7 years running with co-host Dave Siska. The show is an outlet to blur every seam in loosly defined “dance music” I can find. My musical philosophy is best heard not written, check out my playlists or download a current mix at Sonic Sunset.com.

theakston (Rob Theakston): hi there. i’m the new guy. just slightly better looking than matt macqueen, but nowhere near as dashing as ian malbon. i worship tom brookens. when i was younger i used to make cassettes of claude young on WHYT, only to erase over them (something i now regret). i am personally responsible for the downfall of several prominent detroit record labels. i have recently made my transition from ferndale, michigan to lexington, kentucky; where i one day hope to own the home that is planted on 303 or 313 detroit ave.

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