I’m just sayin’.

Good morning. I am using bullet points to illustrate statements. Researchers at three universities where I could not afford tuition have delved deeper into the mystery of music and geometry. No word on whether Minor Threat is a rhombus or oval. (Phys Org) Technology Review reports that a company called Celemony has developed software to […]

simonvanoldenbeek I knew I should have placed a divider between the feeds I read for work and the music-related ones. Bah, who I am kidding, advertising intersects with music all the time — isn’t that right, tweaky stationary Mitsubishi popper gal? Apparently, Jay-Z is opening Translation Advertising in New York, a multicultural division of the […]

Some guy named Hawtin squaking on about the future of digital technology, DJing and music. Cameras ready, prepare to flash…

OMG Hax!

jm3 Once upon a time, I used to code. Scratch that, it was so long ago, we still called it “programming.” Before the Web, and before that career path got all sexy. I didn’t retain much, other than a propensity to bully software into doing my bidding and spending way too much time trying to […]

The Future of Music Coalition is hosting their seventh annual policy summit next month in Washington DC. At this point it is undecided if I’m going to attend or not, but this might be of interest to a few readers. For those unfamiliar with the group, it was founded in the early part of the […]

The Children’s Alliance It seemed like all was going well in the fight for more reasonable webcasting fees. As Wired reports, that may not be the case: Negotiations are ongoing, but chances of broad legislative relief in the form of the Internet Radio Equality Act, or IREA, are fading fast, according to several people familiar […]

We’ve been talking about a lot of different things here at Moodmat. But we haven’t said much about the CRB (Copyright Royalty Board) and their March 2nd decision to jack up the fees related to internet broadcasting (one of which is a amateur-killing $500 per year fee). Trust us, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Luckily, neither […]

Amazing but true! MTV announced today they plan to begin a 24/7 programming schedule that will feature only music videos! Associate Director of Programming, Public Relations and Mess Media Communications, Nathan Neil Hurn-Blauer, delivered the revolutionary news today from 1515 Broadway. The decision to launch such a unique programming strategy was the direct result of […]


Once Detroit’s best champion of non-traditional music programming (at least since the heyday of our more freakier commercial FM dial), WDET has made another move towards irrelevance. All overnight music programming will be gone. You read that correctly. I suppose my time-shifted, 21st Century self may not think much of the midnight-to-5 a.m. slot anymore, […]

Long Tail Wallops Tower Records

Both good news for the social Darwinism of the music industry, and bad news for people like me who (OK, 10 years ago) went there to buy Mo’Wax 12-inches and browse the freaky import magazine rack. Chris Anderson wags his Long Tail and ponders the The End of the Mass Market Record Store: If Tower […]