Dibiase “Skullcrack” from Alpha Pup on Vimeo. Hey, great concept guys, but can we lose the smoke?

Even if you’re not a proponent of the Big Bang theory, you have to love the synth-pop primordial soup of the early ’80s.

Courtesy of the very excellent Rock Peaks!

It always feels like Friday with Madlib.

Thanks to MG for the tip!

Time to unwind this wild week.

Time travel is fun, innit?

May your holiday be this rich.

I know that at this point picking on ICP isn’t a) too topical and b) too difficult, but I felt this a rather creative shred in the pile.

Metro Area – Live @ Somewhere from Roman Filippov on Vimeo. Nice find, Mr. Theakston.

Standing at the bus stop with my daughter this morning, all manner of rain-themed songs ran through my head. Congrats APB, you just nudged out Missy Elliott.

Love the VHS tracking static on this one — somehow it completes the effect for me.